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Super PP capacitor

Supreme Spec : +-5%(+-10%)
dielectric loss factor(DF) < 0.015%@1KHz/1uF
VERY LOW ESR. insulated above 30000MOhms
Ultra standard Polypropylene
Export after test.


SPP ( Super PP )

High resolution.Dynamics.transparency.Super high sound density, speed. Great sound field. Delicated and "Royal". Feel free to compare with any other Hiend caps. Please burn-in 30 hrs to get 80% effect!
use at : analog coupling/decoupling such as decoupling of OPamp, intersatge coupling, output coupling.
It challenges SETI cap.
Exclusively developed 5 layers Composite dielectric, Super low DF
Excellent in transparency, marvelous texture, high resolution, but also fidelity. Fast, Dense, dynamics.
Best in both audioly and musically.


0.01uF630Vd=7mm L=15mm lead=44mm1.00
0.033uF630Vd=8mm L=19.5mm lead=44mm1.00 out of stock
0.1uF630Vd=9.5mm L=19.5mm lead=44mm1.30 out of stock
0.1uF250Vd=8mm L=20mm lead=44mm1.00 out of stock
0.22uF630Vd=10mm L=32mm lead=44mm2.00 out of stock
0.33uF630Vd=10mm L=32mm lead=44mm2.50 out of stock
0.47uF630Vd=14mm L=32mm lead=44mm3.00 out of stock
0.68uF630Vd=17mm L=32mm lead=44mm3.30
1.0uF400Vd=11mm L=32mm lead=44mm3.30 clearance 1.90USD
2.2uF400Vd=25mm L=35mm lead=44mm4.30 out of stock
3.3uF400Vd=25mm L=35mm lead=44mm5.50 out of stock
4.0uF400Vd=23mm L=mm53 lead=44mm6.00 out of stock
4.7uF400Vd=25mm L=53mm lead=44mm7.00 out of stock
5.0uF400Vd=23mm L=53mm lead=44mm7.50 clearance 4.20USD
6.8uF400Vd=31mm L=54mm lead=44mm8.50 out of stock
10uF250Vd=31mm L=52mm lead=44mm11.0 out of stock



Fast Power Series (Miniature High standard PP capacitor)

Spec : +-10% 
Super low DF< 0.05% 1KHZ(1uF) 
Volume far more smaller than same value of competitors'. 
It can be use on the Xover circiut, decoupling capacitor for tubeamp. 
Clean clear, natural and uncolored sound 



Fast Power Series :



d=34mm L=48mm lead=80mm

QC voltage : 950VDC


d=25mm L=47mm lead=80mm

QC voltage : 600VDC

13.00 clearance 8.45USD

d=31mm L=47mm lead=80mm

QC voltage : 600VDC


d=37mm L=47mm lead=80mm

QC voltage : 600VDC


d=22mm L=48mm lead=80mm

QC voltage : 950VDC



MKP 2000

Spec : +-5% 
Super low DF< 0.03% 1KHZ 
Pan-usage MKP caps. Work perfectly in analog and digital circuit.
Made from top grade of Metalized Polypropylene, very low ESR.
Original, natural and uncolored sound. Well balanced between music and hifi.


MKP2000 Series :


0.01uF630Vd=7mm L=13mm lead=44mm1.00
0.047uF400Vd=6mm L=19.5mm lead=44mm1.00
0.068uF400Vd=7mm L=19.5mm lead=44mm1.00
0.1uF250Vd=8mm L=19.5mm lead=44mm0.80
0.1uF630Vd=9mm L=24mm lead=44mm1.10
0.22uF100Vd=7mm L=15mm lead=44mm1.25
0.22uF630Vd=12mm L=31mm lead=44mm1.75
0.33uF100Vd=8mm L=15mm lead=44mm1.50
0.33uF630Vd=14mm L=31mm lead=44mm2.00
0.47uF100Vd=10mm L=15mm lead=44mm1.75
0.47uF630Vd=21mm L=31mm lead=44mm2.00
0.68uF630Vd=16mm L=44mm lead=44mm2.75
1uF100Vd=11mm L=19mm lead=44mm2.25
1uF630Vd=18mm L=44mm lead=44mm3.00
2.2uF100Vd=13mm L=25mm lead=44mm2.50
2.2uF400Vd=18mm L=44mm lead=44mm4.50
3.0uF100Vd=16mm L=25mm lead=44mm2.90
3.3uF100Vd=16mm L=25mm lead=44mm3.00
3.3uF400Vd=21mm L=44mm lead=44mm5.50
3.9uF100Vd=17mm L=25mm lead=44mm3.00
4.0uF100Vd=17mm L=25mm lead=44mm3.00
4.7uF100Vd=16mm L=31.5mm lead=44mm3.00
4.7uF400Vd=25mm L=44mm lead=44mm6.50
5.0uF100Vd=16mm L=31.5mm lead=44mm3.50
5.1uF100Vd=16mm L=31.5mm lead=44mm3.50
5.6uF100Vd=17mm L=31.5mm lead=44mm4.00
6.0uF100Vd=17.5mm L=31.5mm lead=44mm4.50
6.8uF100Vd=19mm L=31.5mm lead=44mm5.00
7.5uF100Vd=20mm L=31.5mm lead=44mm5.50
8.0uF100Vd=20mm L=31.5mm lead=44mm5.75
10uF100Vd=22mm L=31.5mm lead=44mm6.00 
10uF250Vd=24mm L=56mm lead=44mm10.50 



Nova PP(Aluminum Foil &  Film)


Ultra low impedence, excellent full spectrum frequency response, supreme dynamic and bounce in low frequency, 50 times lower impedence than ordinary " HI-END" MKP capacitor
Especially for signal couple,DC SERVO. DF< 0.03% 1KHZ (1uF)
Excellent sound, economy price.


0.10uF630Vd=19mm L=22.5mm lead=44mm1.50
0.22uF630Vd=18mm L=35mm lead=44mm2.50
0.33uF630Vd=22mm L=36mm lead=44mm3.00
0.47uF630Vd=23mm L=39mm lead=80mm3.50
1.00uF400Vd=20mm L=42mm lead=44mm5.00 clearance 3.25USD
2.2uF250Vd=21mm L=62mm lead=44mm6.30 
3.30uF100Vd=25mm L=45mm lead=80mm6.00 clearance 3.90USD
4.70uF100Vd=26mm L=65mm lead=80mm8.00 clearance 5.20USD
5.00uF100Vd=27mm L=62mm lead=80mm8.50


 Standard PP(replaced by MKP2000)


 Low Z Metalized Polypropylene. Natural, without any coloration. DF<0.03%@1KHz/1uF



0.01uF630Vd=7mm L=14mm lead=44mm1.00 out of stock
0.022uF630Vd=9mm L=13mm lead=44mm1.00 out of stock
0.047uF630Vd=10mm L=13mm lead=44mm1.00 out of stock
0.10uF250Vd=7mm L=13mm lead=44mm0.8 out of stock
0.10uF400Vd=11mm L=14mm lead=44mm1.00 out of stock
0.22uF630Vd=13mm L=25mm lead=44mm1.25 out of stock
0.47uF400Vd=12mm L=25mm lead=44mm1.25 out of stock
0.47uF630Vd=18mm L=25mm lead=44mm1.75 out of stock
1.00uF630Vd=19mm L=40mm lead=44mm3.00 clearance 1.50USD
2.20uF630Vd=25mm L=45mm lead=44mm6.00 clearance 3.00USD
3.30uF100Vd=17mm L=25mm lead=44mm4.00 out of stock
3.30uF630Vd=30mm L=45mm lead=90mm7.50 out of stock
4.70uF400Vd=24mm L=45mm lead=44mm7.00 out of stock
6.00uF250Vd=21mm L=31mm lead=90mm7.50 out fo stock
10.0uF250Vd=21mm L=31mm lead=90mm10.00 clearance 5.00USD
47.0uF400Vd=45mm L=65mm lead=90mmout of stock


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         High Qulity sound with decency....            

SUPER  PP   5 Layers of composite material

Analog signal coupling : Decouple such as OPamp decouple : Interstage coupling: Output coupling, etc.

Made from expensive 5 layers dielectric material, Ultra low loss: DF smaller than 0.015 @ 1KHZ(1uF)

Superb transparancy ; Ultra texture ; High Resolution ; Faithful to music itself; High desity and Dynamic ; Speedy

Low price, High C/P. Please compare with any other Hi-end PP cap!

Spending 3 times the price of SPP cap to get "Hi-end" Cap? 


MKP2000    Low Z MPP 


Digital and Analog signal coupling.Decouple such as OPamp decouple : Interstage coupling: Output coupling, etc.

Standard series is the most popular line-upUsing thelowestimpedence Metalized-

 Polypropylene imported from Japan;the whole PP film is smooth and shining like a mirror.

The standard series offer you the most claen , natural and uncolorized sound.




Lowest Z of Aluminum Foil & Film+PP expensive production,

The sound is thick and easy-listening, Rich, Excellent dynamic, .Best musically!  

   How to get the essence from supercap?                 

SUPER PP & Nova series


Any analog signal coupling/ Decouple such as OPamp decouple/Interstage coupling/ Output coupling, etc.


MKP2000 Series 

Any digital and analog signal coupling/decouple such as OPamp decouple/Interstage coupling/Output coupling, etc.  


The MKP2000 series can be used as the coupling cap of CS8414 Receiving chip, excellent result.

Beat the famous Dipped PP capcitor!

The MKP2000 series can also be used as decouple capcitors of digital circuit.

It is far more better than the OSCON!


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