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D/A Mental Low jitter TCXO (Phase Noise : -135dBc/1KHz)

Besides accurate frequency, the most important thing of TCXO or XO is JITTER, or Phase Noise. Our specially ordered Low Jitter TCXOs have very low phase noise (-135dBc @ 1KHz), which is much better than the ordinary XO or TCXO. You can easily replace your plugged-in TCXO for comparison, or start your first CD-upgrade DIY. In our opinion, the phase noise of this low jitter TCXO is as good as XO from Tentlabs, even has much better performance on Frequency accuracy.

About the importance of Jitter, you can google the website of TENTLABS.


Test Circuit






Frequency : 11.2896M (out of stock now)/ 12M (out of stock now)/ 16.9344M / 22.5792M (out of stock now)/ 24.5760M (out of stock now)/ 25M / 27MHz

Precision : 1ppm

Operating voltage : +3.3Vdc -- +5.0Vdc 

Operating current : 25mA (MAX)

Output Waveform : TTL/CMOS

Duty cycle : 40/60%

Frequency stability Vs Temp : +/- 5ppm (0 ~ +50 C)

Phase noise : -135dBc/1KHz(10M)

Package : 20.4 x 12.8 x 7.5mm

Aging : +/- 2ppm/Yr.

Price : 27USD each


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