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Super PP capacitor

Supreme Spec : +-5%(+-10%)
dielectric loss factor(DF) < 0.015%@1KHz/1uF
VERY LOW ESR. insulated above 30000MOhms
Ultra standard Polypropylene
Export after test.


SPP ( Super PP )

High resolution.Dynamics.transparency.Super high sound density, speed. Great sound field. Delicated and …

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Audio Research inspired Phono Preamp PCB

This circuit of the PCB is inspired from the famous Audio Research PH3.

SIZE : 250 X 160 mm


2.0 Oz. copper

Unleaded solder





Power Supply PS3 PCB

It provide one High voltage and two heater voltages.

SIZE : 273X 105 mm


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D/A Mental Low jitter TCXO (Phase Noise : -135dBc/1KHz)

Besides accurate frequency, the most important thing of TCXO or XO is JITTER, or Phase Noise. Our specially ordered Low Jitter TCXOs have very low phase noise (-135dBc @ 1KHz), which is much better than the ordinary XO or TCXO. You can easily replace your plugged-in TCXO for comparison, or start you…

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OPT, IPT, MC Step & Transformer Volume Control (AVC)

10K SE OPT (for 10Y)
Z6 / 0.3mm core + Teflon/NOMEX insulated
EI66 * 36 
10K : 0-8-16 OHM
Freq. Resp. :  20hz -20khz within -0.5db and 20khz@-0.3db

Price : 180USD @ pair

1.35K SE OPT (for 6AS7/6080)

Primary : 1.35k ohm and 1k ohm 

Secondary : 0 – 4 - 8 ohm

6080 suggesting operating point :  …

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GOLD Reference Regulator

GOLD Reference Regulator

Preamp power / CD modification / DAC power/CD ROM POWER.....

More quiet and detailed

Ultimate Performance / Hi-End Grade PCB Layout 

2 Oz. copper foil 

New BOM for better performance


dual PCB : SIZE=96mm X 55mm 

positive PCB : SIZE=77mm X 41mm





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